Antwi  Boateng. The founder of Ashanti Future   Importance of Ashanti and European Gold Trade
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Ashanti   future   encourages  all   visitors  to have fun while   we   study   the   history   and   culture   of    Asanteman 



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The  founder  of   Ashanti  Future, Antwi Boateng, once   said, "Until  you  know  what  goes   on  in  another  Asanteman  town, the advancement   of Asanteman  shall  always be in shambles." This  concept,  known as Ashantism,   emphasizes  the  importance of understanding and   learning  from  different communities  within  Asanteman in order to progress and   thrive.

The Mighty Asantehene Reigns Strong . Otumfour Osei Tutu Ababio, Mo ne yo

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. Otumfour   will  be  delivering  an   important  speech on  how  he how  to  achieve  peace  and  how he was  able to  maintain  peace  throughout  Asanteman.  in History , Otumfour Kwaku  Duah  was  credited  with A  peace  maker Title.

 Nana Amoako Tuffour  Adanse Abadwam Hene  has Announced  that all the abadwam stool lands which include Mensa krom, Nyameso, Gawusu Extension, Bedieso , Bediemu ,zongo , cooler mu,  Anyinam , ridge including surrounding areas like ssnit  must go through a formal process through the palace before  purchases can be acquired.

Otumfour  encourages Asanteman to  engage in more Cocoa Farming.  In 1879 Tetteh Quarshie planted cocoa seeds he had brought from Sao Tome (Fernando po) at Akuapim Mampong.

. The  next  Akwasidae  is  scheduled  on  May 12, 2024  at  Manhyia  Palace ,  several  dignitaries   expected

 . Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital is under construction with the help of fund raising from the King Otumfour Osei Tutu Ababio.


K0DE3  THRONE  ( THE    EAGLE   THRONE) , Like  the  Viper, The Asantehene  Attacks  only  when  Asantehene is  attacked or provoked. The   seat  is  always  placed  on  Banwoma  ( animals skins  that  has  been  made   into  a  carpet.  The   most  popular  Banwoma  is  the Gyatanwoma , which  is usually seen among the carriers  during certain festivals and  Durbars. It looks scary but it depicts the  greatness of the King  and  emphasizes  on how powerful  the  kingdom Is.


Dwete Kuduo   provides  Asante  with  Strength , Guidance  and  Knowledge . It is  filled  with lots  of  charms  and  protection for Asantehene and  Asanteman

The  Asantehene  Otumfour  Osei  Tutu  Ababio created this stool

Otumfour Osei Tutu Ababio, the  present Asantehene  created the Kotokodwa.  It  is decorated with Gold wire. Several  of  his  predecessors  created  stool before  they departed the eartly life. For instance  Nana Osei Kwadwo  created Hyiawu  and  Nana  Opoku Ware 1st (Katakyie) created Ananta stool


All  visitors  and  advocators  are   welcome  to enjoy  some powerpoints   of  Ashanti Art, Music  and  culture .  Are you excited  about  listening   to  kwadwom  and   different  Ashanti Dirges,   Flutes  and  praises  songs. ?   

                                  Ashanti Future  produces  aforementioned practices. Stay Tuned and  Be Excited HAVE   FUN

Enjoy some Ashanti flute

This  special  flute  usually arrives at    palavas before  amanhene  arrives. Durugya meaning  arrival  first

Check out some native drums

Ashantis  have  always  enjoyed  dancing and  beating  their native   drums.





Founder of Ashanti Future Remarks

Antwi Boateng is the founder of Ashanti Future. I am very enthusiastic about promoting Ashanti culture and history so that the future generation and posterity shall not be lost.  With all due Respect, I produce  these  schorlarly  researched   studies  on  Ashante  with true Patriotism  as  a descent  of  Ashanti. The  good  cultural  practices  our  ancestors  left  for us must  be  practiced and  shared so that  Ashanti  can  be  advanced.

         DONT  FORGET  ASHANTISM  ( untill  you know  what goes on in another  asanteman  town,  the  advancement  of  Ashanti  shall be in shambles ).coined by antwiboateng  founder  of  AshantiFuture

The meaning of Asantehene Osei Kwadwo name okoawia

Otumfour Osei Kwadwo earned the title Okoawia because at broad daylight, Kotoku was subjugated

Otumfour Kofi Karikari

Nana Kofi Karikari is well known for the preservation of the Royal Treasure during the contemporary skirmishes with the British in 1874

Nana Osei Tutu Kwamena Osei Asibe Bonsu

One of the Greatest Asante Kings. He was very smart that he challenged the treaties of the British from Bowdich to Huchingson. Governor Torrane was an eyewitness on th accounts  of how The name Bonsu originated in Ashanti

The Far Famed GOLD STOOL

The carrier of the stool puts while cloth (nnwera) around the neck before it is carried.

The Gold Stool of Asanti According to Tradition is Unique from all the other stools because it is the soul of
Asanti folks. The priest Anokye warned the Ashantis not to sacrifice an Albino to the gold stool and that
the stool shall fall should such a ritual occur. The fall of the gold stool is the fall of Asanteman that is why
the stool has been preserved till today.


The Otumfour Can Dance.

There are various types of Royal dances which include Atopretia, Naawea, Akantam among others.

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Otumfour Mensah Bonsu

After the British annihilated and Burnt Kumasi in 1874 and after the deposition of Nana Kofi Karikari, it was the Monarch Mensah Bonsu who rebuild Kumasi untill his abdication.

Nana Baayie Nwomkoro

Manhyia Tete  Nwomkoro  is  the most popular  group  in  singing nnwomkoro.  Giants like  Nana  Baayie  and  Nana  Abasa Afia  left  thier legacy. Nana Kokofu  sewaa and  Nana  Mmrosa  Adutwumwaa  is  carrying  on  thise  Legacy

The Otumfour Asantehene Kwaku Duah 1st became known as the peace maker king and got the title Agyemang because he prevented the Ashanti nation from a pending war between Ashanti and Nkoransa. Nana Kwaku Duah ruled for 29 years departing in 1867

The Asantehene who fought in 1874 against the British Highlanders and the Black Watch

Otumfour Kofi Karikari was a courageous Ashanti ruler who loved to contemporarize with his  executioners , especially in the process  of  displaying  Heroism  in  Ashanti. He  is  credited  for  preserving and hiding several  Gold  ornaments  During the Queen Victoria declaration of war in 1874, (Sagrenti War)


It was under Otumfour Osei Yaw Akoto that the Treaty of peace and commerce was signed in April 1831 under sir Mclean ( Mclean became the favorite governor for the Mfantis along side Brigadier McCarthy. The  most Dreadful  oath  of the Mfanti  is Mankata. Brigadier Mccarthy  fell into  the hands of the strong Ashanti  in 1824 . Along with  wetheren and Eisen and another Britannian , The  warriors  decapitated their heads and as casualty  of  war  made it a  trophy  in Kumasi


Ewuo   yi     firi      tete   tete   .  Gyae     su     Gyae    su

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It is incumbent upon every Asante to play a role towards the advancement of Asanteman

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